Historical Documents Related to Uptown Pittsburgh

Compiled by Rex Coughenour, Duquesne University.


Uptown Newspaper Articles (1984-2011)
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Soho Survey (1914)
Survey on Soho’s Social Conditions
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Uptown Survey (1917)
Survey on Uptown’s Social Conditions
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Soho Race Relations (1938)
Race relations at the Soho Community House
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5th Ave. High School Race Problems
School report on race problems at 5th Ave. High School (1939-72)
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Bluff URA Redevelopment Proposal (1965, rev)
Urban Redevelopment's plan for Bluff/Duquesne urban renewal plan
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Uptown Fast Facts (1970-80)
General population statistics of Uptown
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1917 Uptown survey
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1997 Uptown Atlas
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Bluff Street Redevelopment Program
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2002 Coles Directory that shows Uptown streets
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Uptown Transit Study that was presented at Mercy on May 8, 2012)
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Urban Redevelopment Authority on their proposed plan for the Bluff area redevelopment
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Soho survey from 1914
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Compilation of newspaper articles
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Uptown Statistics (1940-1990)
Detailed demographic statistics for Uptown
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Uptown-Coles 2002 Directory
Directory of residents by the address.
You can find who lives at an address by looking
up the street and house or apartment number.
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A work-in-progress.

The Uptown Project
As of this writing, Uptown Pittsburgh is undergoing a number of changes, with old buildings and houses being demolished and new structures taking their place. My objective is to document the neighborhood in words and images.

John Fries
is a writer, graphic designer, photographer, and filmmaker who was born and lived his early years on Tustin Street in Uptown Pittsburgh. His website is here.

Historical Documents
Click here to read some really old historical documents about Uptown. These were compiled by Rex Coughenour of Duquesne University.

How Wikipedia defines Uptown
Read it here.


The Uptown Project © 2015. Text and photos by John Fries. Email John.




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